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About SK Traders

  • SK Traders was started by the Founder, Selva Kumar. We started this SK trader back in 2015, To give better affordable prices for Dry Fruits and Nuts. We literally saw other companies and shops selling these products 100% more than their actual cost. Also, Even if we pay for the product price, Sometimes we get no-quality products. Since regular people don’t know the difference between different types of Almonds and Cashews, most shops do not follow the work ethic. That’s where we started SK Traders to change how Dry Fruits look. All the people can purchase and eat Dry Fruits, and It is not as costly as they think.

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The Story of Fruitsnuts by SK Traders

  • We started our E-Commerce site for the same reason why we started SK Traders. You may have the experience of buying Dry Fruits or Nuts in the leading e-commerce store, and you got affected by Almonds or Not good state Dry Fruits. Since it is a Food related product, You can’t return it to the seller. That’s all your money got wasted. We can’t blame the stores. Since They store Dry Fruits and Nuts for months in their Warehouse, the environment can affect it. You can check it yourself by going in the reviews of leading Online Stores. But Here at Fruitsnuts. In, We always send Fresh and New products to our buyers. Since the package was delivered within 3-5 Days, you can store up to 12 months based on the product.

Kaima Dates Package

  • The worst experience can happen with Kimia dates products since it comes in a sealed box and travels through many countries and environments. When buyer purchase and open it in their house, sometimes it gets affected and become non-eatable. SK Traders also insist buyers open and check all the boxes before they go home. We follow the same concept here at Fruitsnuts. We constantly check the packages before sending them to you.

People Behind Fruitsnuts

Selva Kumar
  • Selva Kumar is a Founder of SK Traders2015-07-18-06-50-06-680-1 and has always loved customer service. He can tell what you need and understand the customer’s pulse without explaining to him a lot.
  • He is a Business student and has great five years of experience in Customer related business.

Selva Ganesh

  • Selva Ganesh is a young Entrepreneur running Popular Blogs like Android Infotech. He is an experienced Android Developer, Computer Engineer, Professional Blogger & and addicted Web Developer. He runs 2015-07-18-06-50-06-680-1Android Infotech which offers Problem Solving Articles around the globe.
  • Android Infotech was founded in 2015; try To Provide the Solutions For Problems Related to Android Topics.

Arun Karthick

  • Arun Karthick is a Technology Enthusiast, Who Can Talk Aand Write About Anything If You Give a Hint About the Technology.
  • He runs 2015-07-18-06-50-06-680-1Android Modes Blog which offers Troubleshoot issues in Android Mobiles.
  • Even though he is a Computer Science Student, He also has lots of experience as a Manager in the Food Industry too.

Our Team

SK Traders Team

So What is Different About Fruits Nuts

  • Our Team Has Lots of Experience in the Dry Fruits Industry, Before Starting this E-Commerce site. So We Know the Customers’ Difficulties When they buy products and Access Websites. We don’t want any of the buyers to go unsatisfied. That’s why from start to shipping we always travel with you. Beyond, Just selling products, You can ask us what you need for the particular products and their benefits. We are always happy to care about your health.
  • We don’t want to make money by selling bad products to our buyers. The Only thing Humans can say enough is Food. So, Any Food industry should always give what is best for their customers. We always try our best to follow this motto.

  • Most of our customers are returning customers. They are the reason for our growth. We also, Try our best to reduce the price when we go one step further. We always care about Reaosnlabe price for every product.
  • “Never Worry About Numbers. Help One person at a time and always start with the Person Nearest You”-Mother Teresa.
  • “Work Hard to Make it Simple,” “WorkWise instead of Work hard.”
  • Thank you So Much For Spending Your Precious time With us.

Our Physical Store Place

  • You can always find us in our place..:)